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talk about how the financials were indicated lower, energy stocks were indicated lower. those two sectors are expected to get hit the hardest by an obama win. that's how the day start out. then you had europe that came in. when we spoke yesterday at this time, it looked like we were down by triple digits, maybe down by 100 points for the dow. the dow ended the day down by more than 300 points. a huge part of that is the fiscal cliff because it became more and more evident as you heard from both sides of the aisle through the course of the day they're both talking about compromise but both sides' idea of compromise is these two sides are really not matching up. this is going to be a much more complicated problem than people had been anticipating. they knew it wasn't going to be easy but all through the day market analysts, economists started raising predictions of the likelihood of going over the fiscal cliff. we started talking about what that would mean. this board right here, the five worst post-election trading days. yesterday came in -- number three in the rankings. down 2.3%
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)